About Evidence Based Nutrition

Evidence Based Nutrition provides nutritional supplements to distributors, Health Food Stores and Health Practitioners involved in the science of natural healing and overall wellness. EBN sells all-natural, evidence-based supplements and nutritional formulas.

All EBN products have been researched, studied and formulated by nutritional pioneer and visionary, Dr. Kurt Donsbach, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. We are the only company legally authorized to distribute nutritional formulas created by Dr. Donsbach.

EBN supplements have been formulated through decades of research and development. They’ve been followed, modified and improved to provide individuals with the best line of defense to protecting health and well-being.

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EBN’s formulas offer motivated distributors the opportunity to offer market-tested products with a proven track record.

John Gray Ph.D. “Dr. Donsbach is truly a pioneer in the alternative health world. His visionary leadership and commitment to true healthcare choice has made a difference to thousands around the globe.”

John Gray Ph.D. Best-Selling Author
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent the medical conditions or diseases highlighted on this page. They are only intended as a nutritional support.